Jim, Corporate CEO

Thank you very much for today’s session.  You really moved some mountains for me now that I have had time to reflect…I’m going to be okay.  I’m going to be sober…I now know it.  I am sure you have helped thousands, but I wanted to let you know that today, you touched just one life in a very special way.  No matter what I share with you, I feel no judgment at all, you just stay cool and smile with a certain fortitude that you know all will be well…it will.  Oh, and because of your tapes, I’m finally sleeping through the night, and I feel like a normal person again!

Sara, Attorney

Wanted to let you know I’m doing GREAT!  I am sleeping so well (even on Sundays) thanks to you!  I really appreciate all of your help.  Thank you for being so sweet and kind.  Take care.

Heather, Business Owner

I was afraid of flying for a long time. It was so bad, I actually had to ask to get off a plane once because my anxiety was so high!  When my boyfriend asked me to come with him to Japan, I decided I wasn’t going to let my phobia get in the way of my life.  So, I came to see you.  And I am completely amazed at the results.   The flight went really well! No nerves, anxiety or feelings of doom. It was a wonderful trip and flight. The hypnosis was a huge success! Thanks again for all of your help. Best wishes in the New Year!

Andres, Actor

I’ve been wanting to share with you my individual progress and thank you for all your help and illuminating therapy.  I am astounded at the powerful effects of hypnosis because I feel like my life is changing, profoundly, right before very own eyes and I am not exaggerating.  I cannot believe how simple it really is and how amazing a variant/slight attitude shift can impact one’s life.  It’s all in the choices we make.  I forget the name of the particular NLP timeline exercise we did during one session but since then I feel like I am, no kidding, connected on a universal magnetic pulse that beats on a daily rhythm – yea, I know it sounds a lit’ corny.

Ann, Retired CEO

Before I started working with Melany, I couldn’t even envision myself as a non-smoker. I had been smoking for nearly 50 years before it really began taking a toll on my health. Doctors said my lung function was down to 25%. Earlier this year, I entered a private residential rehab, where I was cared for by some of the best professionals in the field of addiction treatment.  Of all the therapies I was exposed to, hypnotherapy was most valuable. I had experienced hypnosis before, but what was different about Melany’s approach was that she really learned about me.  When she spoke to me and gave me hypnotic suggestions, it was like she was speaking to my soul. I could feel her words, her wisdom. It’s been six months since I saw her and I’m still a non-smoker.  Not only did she help me quit smoking, but she gave me suggestions for relapse prevention and overall stress reduction. Whenever I feel like I’ve lost my center, I just listen to one of the CDs that she made, and the calmness returns to me. Working with Melany really changed my life.

Kristy, Student

Thank you for all that you’ve done for me. You helped me lift the obsession with food and my life is so much better. I realize that I was spending so much energy obsessing about my weight and that it was causing me so much pain.  I’ve learned to really trust my body. I can eat whatever I want as long as I’m hungry (seems like such a basic thing for most skinny people, but it wasn’t for me).   I lost about 20 pounds without even trying. I feel great about myself and my relationship with my boyfriend is so much closer, now that I’m not obsessing all the time. Thank you for always being reachable and positive and supportive.

Matt, Attorney

I was able to pass the California bar that I took this last February and I wanted to thank you for your help in achieving this goal.  I am pleased to say that I was very calm and collected throughout the exam and I am sure that my performance increased because of it.

Tatum, Actress

I wanted to let you know I am still soda free!  I can’t tell you how happy I am to say that.  Its been well over ten years since I have gone this long without diet coke.  Being addicted to something that most people felt was so trivial made me feel so powerless and somewhat ridiculous.  I had been looking online for help because everyday I drank diet coke I felt I was doing something so bad for me.  I just didn’t know how I was going to stop since I had broken so many resolutions to quit in the past.  I didn’t trust myself anymore.

This was my first time being hypnotized and I was a little nervous until I met with you.  You totally put me at ease.  I loved that you explained how hypnosis works.  I have not had a single sip of diet coke since and when I think about tasting it my nose crinkles up and now it’s easy to say no. You totally rock and I so appreciate what you have done for me.

C.T., Parent of 7 year-old child

For some reason through a special chain of events you came across Melany to help your child in some way. LUCKY YOU!!! I was lucky enough to find her myself and let me tell you, I am her biggest fan. My child suffered from terrible nightmares, and shyness issues. I was at the end of my rope to find help. We tried different things to no avail. Through just a couple of sessions with Melany, my child was helped tremendously. When other methods failed, I took a leap into hypnotism and it paid off greatly. Other issues have come up recently (a spider phobia to name one issue) and I am excited to have my child back in Melany’s office very soon. Melany’s sessions were more than therapy sessions, her methods of coping has become a life long tool for my child to take with her through life.

Sharon, Spa Owner

I don’t know if you realize the profound effect you have on your clients’ lives, and the lives of their loved ones.  For several years I have had major issues with insomnia and have used prescription sleep aids off and on.  It was the most frustrating and seemingly insurmountable issue in my life and I could not see an end to it.  I had read every sleep advice book and column imaginable, consulted with sleep doctors (aforementioned prescriptions) but nothing had helped in the slightest.  I had resigned myself to a life of dreading getting into bed, tossing and turning, and never getting consistent quality sleep without sleeping pills.  Then I met you…

When you told me you usually get results for insomnia in 2 or 3 sessions, honestly I was really doubtful but I trusted you, and I was desperate to find relief, so I started the process with you.  After just 2 sessions with you, and some amazing advice you have given me, I am getting into bed and sleeping soundly every night.  It’s truly profound, it really is.  For most people, getting into bed and then falling asleep is a nightly occurrence, but for me it never happened naturally.  For me, it was either Ambien or tossing and turning.  I am so thrilled and grateful and needed to express that to you.  My husband is so happy and appreciative as well.

Thank you for helping me with such a challenging situation–I honestly never thought I would be able to sleep like a “normal” person but here I am!

Natalie, High School Student

Melany introduced hypnotherapy to me. I was intrigued by how hypnotherapy worked on the mind. The experience was a very relaxing one, like being in a dream but being completely aware of everything that was actually happening around you. Her suggestions during hypnotherapy were focused upon my procrastination. That was the main goal of our sessions: to help me overcome my procrastination, mainly with my schoolwork. After the sessions, my procrastination definitely lessened a considerable amount from before. I think that if you’re really open to the experience, hypnotherapy will definitely help with just about anything, and I would recommend it to everyone.

Rebecca, Film Producer

I decided to try hypnosis because I was desperate to stop biting my nails. My habit was so ingrained, I couldn’t even wear acrylics without chewing them off. I’m in the entertainment industry, where appearance definitely counts and I was tired of feeling self conscious every time someone looked at my hands. I didn’t even think I could even be hypnotized but Melany showed me that anyone can really be hypnotized. She’s really a miracle worker. After two sessions and listening to her cd, I stopped completely! Oh, and the sessions were so incredibly relaxing, I didn’t want them to end.

Marvin, Actor

I was referred to Melany through the actor’s network. I had been working consistently for about five years, but whenever I had an audition where the stakes were high, I would just freeze up. Hypnosis really helped me relax and get more focused. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with any type of fear or anxiety.