Nail Your Next Audition Using Hypnosis & NLP

July 27, 2009 by  
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People have strategies for everything they do: boredom, love, depression, happiness, even audition anxiety.  A strategy is a specific order and sequence of internal and external representations.  It’s just like a recipe for baking a cake. If you add the right ingredients in a certain order, you end up with a delicious result! The same is true for your states of mind.  Most people think of anxiety as something that happens to them.  If that were the case, no one would ever be able to get past it.  Anxiety is something you do, not something that happens to you.  If you can figure out the sequence and order of representations that produces your anxiety, you can interrupt the pattern and get a different result!

So, how do you elicit your strategy?

Most people are not aware of their strategies.  They typically run in your head in a matter of seconds and are usually pretty automated. The idea is to become more conscious of your strategy by asking yourself how you got there in the first place.  In terms of the ingredients of your strategies, you could have visual (internal/external), auditory (internal/external) or kinesthetic (internal/external) cues. When eliciting someone’s recipe for audition anxiety, the best way to do it is to get the chef back in the kitchen.

Think of a specific time when you experienced audition anxiety.  Rewind the movie to the very beginning. What was the first thing that happened that let you know it was time to do anxiety?  Was it something you saw?  Something you heard? Something you said to yourself?  For some actors, the anxiety begins as soon as they get a call from their agent.  (External auditory).  For others, it starts when they walk into the audition room.  (External visual).  Once you determine the first ingredient, move on to the second and third, and so forth.  It’s important to run through the entire sequence of representations.

Once you’ve elicited the strategy, it’s time to scramble it.  In other words, throw in a wrench to the normal order and sequence, and you end up with a different result! For instance, if you find that you always get nervous as soon as you see other actors in the audition room, you could interrupt the pattern by imagining everyone in their underwear.  If you find that your anxiety always begins while you’re driving to the audition, you could interrupt the pattern by imagining that you’re cruising around Gotham in your Batmobile.  The sillier your pattern interrupt, the more likely you are to override the old pattern.

And, if you scramble it enough times, you simply won’t be able to play the old record anymore! Can you imagine going into every audition feeling confident and secure?  It’s entirely possible and it’s all up to you!